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Factr is your cure for information overload.



Email. Texts. Tweets. Blog posts. RSS feeds. Facebook shares. Cable news. Market quotes… The constant flow of information has become overwhelming. The pressure to “keep up” leads to distraction, anxiety, and inefficiency.

Factr combines your own expertise and that of peers you trust, to filter that flood of data and deliver exactly what you want, organized the way you choose.


Scan vast amounts of information

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Scan vast amounts
of information

Instead of multiple visits to multiple websites, apps and social platforms, Factr lets you combine, filter, and organize the things you follow. These curated “streams” can be solely for your own use, or shared with a select few, or the entire Factr community.


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Collect and organize your stuff.

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and organize
your stuff.

Whether it’s from a website, an API, your hard drive, your phone, your camera, you can collect it on Factr. Save, rate, sort and tag anything into collections for later use.


Verify your theories with expert feedback.

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Verify your theories with expert feedback.

Got a theory but need help to confirm or refute it? Factr enables you to create “hunches”, attach evidence to them, and share them with fellow experts—enabling better, faster decisions about complex issues.


Be recognized for your expertise and skills.

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Be recognized
for your expertise
and skills.

Your might be an expert in climate change, or cooking, or physics, or fantasy football—or more than one area. As you use Factr, your contributions to the community are visibly recognized via Factr’s unique reputation system.


Control access to everything.

Control access
to everything.

Privacy is paramount on Factr. We put you in complete control of access to your information. Whether you seek the wisdom of the crowd, just invite a trusted expert, or demand complete secrecy, Factr lets you choose when, if, and with whom you share.

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